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In Role And Out Of Role

“Would you like feedback in role, or would you prefer it if I come out of role and give feedback that way?” – In teaching…

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Exam Time

The trees are coming into leaf, the fields here in North Yorkshire are full of lambs, and the lone peacock’s loud and mournful cries may…

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Feeling the Feelings

Our Simulated Patient Trainer and Facilitator, Daphne Franks, has many years of experience training Simulated Patients and knows what it takes to be a highly…

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Peel Roleplay at ASPiH Conference 2018

Jess and Laura from the Peel Roleplay team were delighted to be able to attend the ASPiH Conference 2018 last month, to network with other experts in medical simulation,…

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Spotlight On Daphne Franks

Daphne Franks is a vital cog in the Peel Roleplay machine; Simulated Patients (SPs) working with us will likely have met Daphne many times at…

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