Peel Roleplay

Medical & Healthcare Simulation

Peel Roleplay is one of the UK’s leading providers of Simulated Patients (SPs) to prestigious Higher Education clients, with over 13 years’ experience supplying comprehensive, full-service SP provision to support our clients in training and assessing tomorrow’s health professionals. Our expert team have worked in the field of medical and healthcare simulation, and communication skills training, for the majority of their professional careers.

Our diverse, nationwide cohort of hundreds of specialist, trained SPs enables us to facilitate role play contracts of varying sizes, throughout the whole of the UK. They have a vast range of knowledge, allowing them to portray patients, relatives and healthcare professionals with accuracy and sincerity. Our role players reflect the diversity of the UK population across age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, disability and other characteristics.

We provide a dedicated, highly competitive ‘turnkey’ service to our clients and as part of our work in Medical and Healthcare Simulation, we’re training role play actors, delivering and facilitating events from large scale assessments to smaller examinations, delivering tailored teaching and training sessions, devising bespoke learning programmes, writing and reviewing scenarios, and consulting on best practice guidance within the world of role play and simulation. 

Peel Roleplay’s Simulated Patients have supported communication skills programmes, training events and assessments for many prestigious Universities and Medical Schools across the UK, undertaking a wide range of roles and scenarios.

Our ad hoc service clients also include many NHS Trusts and hospitals, GP Recruitment, Royal Colleges, Cancer Network and a number of private clients and individuals.

A sample of the types of sessions regularly supported by our Simulated Patient services:

Our Simulated Patient services enable students to:


Recruitment and training of role play actors is a continuous process, with our applications system always open to those who are interested in applying, or just interested in finding out more about this important work. We provide a friendly, clear application process that encourages submissions from a range of candidates – this is essential to us, ensuring our database reflects the diversity of the UK population. 

Peel’s ‘Gateway Training’ has been designed by us to allow all actors who are new to role play, to obtain a deep and thorough understanding of the guiding principles and techniques of medical simulation. In addition, our bespoke training programmes are designed and delivered in accordance with specific partner needs, ensuring standardisation. ​

Programme Management

Our robust programme management systems, developed over many years, ensure reliable attendance and delivery of all sessions and events. We aim to ensure that logistics, arrangements and bookings are made with 100% accuracy and reliability, such that the focus can always remain on the important issues at hand: effective learning and assessment.

​Whether for face to face or online sessions, Peel Roleplay delivers consistent, unrivalled programme management, providing our partners with the best, highly experienced role players for your organisation, trainees and candidates; ensuring the best outcome.

​As part of our programme management, a dedicated Project Manager is appointed and partners are provided with 24/7 access to a member of our team. 

Scenario Development

Peel Roleplay have extensive experience writing medical and healthcare practice scenarios, both independently and in collaboration with our client partners. The degree of client input into scenario writing depends on the level of clinical detail, subject material, complexity and level of the student course.

Training and Development

Experiential learning using actors provides a level of engagement and potential for change which simply cannot be rivalled.​

Our quality assured programmes, covering topics such as ‘Dignity and Respect’, ‘Care and Compassion’ and ‘Patient Experience’ to name a few, help develop safe, effective cultures of care for patients.​

If you’re looking for a professional Simulated Patient provider, please get in touch.