Peel Roleplay

For the past few years, Peel Roleplay have been pleased to support LivDocSim by providing Simulated Patients to support the week-long teaching of simulated clinical practice, virtual reality and workshops to prepare students for Foundation Training.

This large-scale, intensive teaching experience is an important part of the course for all Year 5 Student Doctors at the University of Liverpool School of Medicine and is taking a ground-breaking approach.

Using brand new facilities, including a simulated ward, at the Royal College of Physicians building on campus, the event encompasses a carousel of activities over four days allowing all participants to immerse themselves in preparing for clinical practice. 

Up to 80 expert faculty from consultants and senior trainee doctors to Simulated Patients are on site from a range of specialties and across the region, and the learning is based around real feedback from F1s about what they found challenging in their first year as a doctor.

LivDocSim plays a key role during preparation for practice week, and is a mandatory part of the course for all year 5 Student Doctors at Liverpool. LivDocSim is proving effective as an experience that is tailored to the learning needs of a modern Year 5 Student Doctor, focusing on preparation for practice as an F1.

What’s at LivDocSim

  • Opportunities to students to practice being an F1 in a safe, simulated ward environment with expert faculty and professional, highly traine simulated patients, provided by Peel, during a variety of clinical scenarios. 
  • Opportunities to practice assessing sick patients and working on a ward as part of the team.  
  • Opportunities to develop innovation and technology solutions as part of a workshop run by a team from the Innovation Hub at Alder Hey @AlderHeyInc 
  • Opportunities to experience challenging simulated clinical scenarios in virtual reality using the VIRTI app.

Members of Peel management have been delighted to attend LivDocSim and to see, first hand, the innovation within the School of Medicine at Liverpool.

By Jessica Wright, Managing Director at Peel Roleplay