Peel Roleplay

Earlier this year, Peel Roleplay were delighted to be appointed as the Simulated Patient provider to support the range of Palliative and End of Life healthcare courses delivered by the Education Team at St Barnabas Hospice in Lincoln.

Like Peel Roleplay, St Barnabas are passionate about providing gold standard evidence-based education to benefit patients, individuals, organisations and communities. Using their experience and expertise they have developed educational programmes tailored to provide personal and professional learning and development for those caring for or supporting people affected by life-limiting illnesses.

Their programmes are designed to meet the needs of a range of healthcare staff, both registered and unregistered, and non-clinicians. They use a range of teaching methods inclusive of all learning styles, including but not limited to problem-based learning, case studies, simulation, activity-based learning, lectures, seminars, peer learning, quizzes, debates, reflection and games.

St Barnabas offer both Palliative and End of Life Care specific courses and some tailored to healthcare in general. They also offer bespoke programmes of education and are able to deliver these at either one of the St Barnabas venues or at client venues. 

The Head of Education at St Barnabas said of Peel Roleplay “We are proud to work in partnership with Peel Roleplay, who are national providers of highly experienced professional roleplay actors. This allows us to embed realistic simulation into our education replicating real life scenarios”. 

Additionally, the impressive Education Team at St Barnabas have in-house expertise that enables them to create realistic scenarios using moulage to increase engagement and learning in scenarios through realism.

Through the development of knowledge, skills and understanding their aim is to promote the highest quality Palliative and End of Life Care for everyone. Peel Roleplay have a dedicated team of trained Simulated Patient roleplay actors who are experienced in the effective delivery of the highly emotive and challenging scenarios connected with Palliative and End of Life Care- we’re proud to be a part of this important work.

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