Peel Roleplay

A New Partnership with Kent and Medway Medical School

PEEL Roleplay are absolutely delighted to announce that our new partnership with Kent and Medway officially commenced today as our first Simulated Patients attended communication skills teaching sessions at the Canterbury Christ Church campus.  Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, we were pleased to speak with the KMMS team about our services and […]

Peel Roleplay at ASPiH Conference 2018

Jess and Laura from the Peel Roleplay team were delighted to be able to attend the ASPiH Conference 2018 last month, to network with other experts in medical simulation, to gain insight into others’ practices and how those might work for us and our clients, and also to learn more about digital simulation and how this is being incorporated […]

Pencils Down as we Reach the End of Another SuccessfulExam Season

As we reach the end of another successful exam season, we’d like to thank our simulated patients (SPs) for all their hard work and dedication this summer, without which we wouldn’t be able to deliver the valuable service we provide to medical schools. Our cohort of simulated patients come from acting or healthcare backgrounds, have a vast […]

Spotlight On Daphne Franks

Daphne Franks is a vital cog in the Peel Roleplay machine; Simulated Patients (SPs) working with us will likely have met Daphne many times at exams she has coordinated, at standardisation workshops she has presented at- maybe even working alongside her as an SP! Hi Daphne! What do you think the advantages are of using […]

Where it all Began: The Origin of Simulated Patients

The use of Simulated Patients (SPs) in clinical skills training has the potential to impact us all as a society by providing medical students with the tools needed to communicate effectively with their future patients and in turn enhancing patient experience by creating an open environment within these clinical settings. We’re all someone’s patient at various points […]

Simulated Patients: Back to Nature

​​​Off Grid Medic are an American medical training business that run demonstrations throughout the country on how to handle medical emergencies in instances where a hospital could be hours or even days away. Off Grid Medic recognise that many injuries and illnesses worsen when separated from medical care by time, distance or circumstance and their aim is […]