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Peel Roleplay on Tour – Teaching Session and Feedback Training

In the olden days of the late 1980s, when I began working as a Simulated Patient, we were simply audio-visual aids.  We learned our brief, played our role and then left the room.  The idea that we might have anything else to contribute was never even considered. Times have changed.  Simulation is used in many […]

International Nurses Training at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

“How am I supposed to know which to say to a patient?  Do I say heart attack or myocardial infarction?  They are both English to me!” A Malaysian student asked me this some years ago and ever since then I have been interested in how international healthcare professionals deal with the mysteries of spoken English […]

Simulated Patients Training For Assessment

“We need more doctors!”  I hear it all the time and everywhere: in the media, on the train, even in the supermarket checkout queue.  “No appointments for weeks!  Not enough doctors!” I don’t think many people would disagree, but it takes a minimum of five years to train a doctor, so it can’t be done […]

In Role And Out Of Role

“Would you like feedback in role, or would you prefer it if I come out of role and give feedback that way?” – In teaching sessions at medical schools and in other training environments, sometimes Simulated Patients are asked to give feedback in role: sometimes it’s out of role.  For feedback in role, they play […]

Why Simulated Patients? Why Not Volunteers?

Daphne Franks, our Simulated Patient Trainer and experienced SP herself, explains the crucial differences between Simulated Patients and volunteer patients and their impact on medical students’ learning:It’s a rainy August. The summer Medical School examinations have finished and the new academic year is about to begin. Thousands of keen and nervous new medical students will […]

Exam Time

The trees are coming into leaf, the fields here in North Yorkshire are full of lambs, and the lone peacock’s loud and mournful cries may be heard as he fruitlessly wanders the grounds of Peel’s base on the Broughton Hall Estate.  He is hoping to find a mate.  Sadly there isn’t one. All this Spring […]

Feeling the Feelings

Our Simulated Patient Trainer and Facilitator, Daphne Franks, has many years of experience training Simulated Patients and knows what it takes to be a highly skilled and valued SP. We asked Daphne a question that people in the field of Simulated Patient work are often asked, in order to share her invaluable insight:  “But how […]

Our Simulated Patient Service within Medical Students’ Exams

Exam season is upon us and we’re working closely with our clients to provide the most suitable and experienced Simulated Patients (SPs) for their needs. The organisation of medical students’ examinations is a big task and here at Peel Roleplay, we’re proud to be just one cog in the machine that helps our clients’ exams run smoothly. SPs play […]

‘Stuff You Should Know’: How Simulated Patients Work

​ is a website packed full of articles about anything and everything you’ve ever been curious about. The website also hosts a podcast called ‘Stuff You Should Know’, talking you through a vast A-Z of interesting topics such as Anthropology, Economics, Space and True Crime- all presented from a humorous angle. One of these podcasts is titled ‘How Standardized […]