Peel Roleplay is a website packed full of articles about anything and everything you’ve ever been curious about. The website also hosts a podcast called ‘Stuff You Should Know’, talking you through a vast A-Z of interesting topics such as Anthropology, Economics, Space and True Crime- all presented from a humorous angle.
One of these podcasts is titled ‘How Standardized Patients Work’ and although more skewed to an American audience, is a very useful, basic explanation of how Simulated (or Standardized) Patients are used in medical education; starting from their origins all the way up to present day uses.
One of the most important points that they pick up on is the principal use of Simulated Patients; to teach students the proper communication skills so that patient safety and satisfaction is at the top of the priority list, both in learning and throughout their future careers.
If you’re new to the world of Simulation, this is a great podcast to ease you in, however it’s by no means a comprehensive breakdown of all the many areas of medical education that Simulated Patients can add value to. If you would like to know more and think that Peel Roleplay could benefit your programme, please contact or call us on 01756 796176

By Daphne Franks, Training & Development at Peel Roleplay