Peel Roleplay

Case Study: University of Liverpool School of Medicine

Peel Roleplay has provided turnkey Role Actor services to the University of Liverpool (UoL) School of Medicine since 2015, and after a competitive tender process in late 2023, we are pleased to have again been awarded the contract for a further three years with the option to extend for an additional two years.  

In 2015, Peel Roleplay took over the full Role Actor provision for teaching and assessment at UoL, which included providing up to 60 actors per day for consecutive high stakes examinations within a few short weeks following award. We have continued to consistently supply large numbers of fully trained Role Actors with a 100% success rate for delivery, continuously working with our partners at UoL to establish new systems and procedures for effective programme management. Over the past 8 years, Peel Roleplay is proud to have formed a strong collaborative relationship with UoL in which best practice innovations are consistently explored and developed. Notable successes we have achieved together include:  

  • Provision of enhanced Clinical Assessment feedback training to Role Actors and tutors  
  • Development of enhanced benchmarking against ASPiH and ASPE standards 
  • Introduction of improvements to drive standardisation and quality for Clinical Assessment days, including ‘Huddles’, Quality Assurance Role Actors, Role Actor Co-ordinators and continued development of Standardisation Workshops 
  • Development of specialist programmes – such as LivDocSim and FY1 PracTiSCE (simulated ward events for 5th year students) 
  • Improvements in standardisation workshops, scenario design, Role Actor marking criteria and hybrid online/in-person station logistics 


In addition, our close partnership has yielded an extremely robust and dynamic service delivery that is tailored to UoL’s needs, ensuring a quick and effective response to last minute changes and emergencies. The Covid-19 pandemic marked a significant potential obstacle to service delivery, and we are proud of the way that, together (sometimes through full PPE!), we worked quickly to minimise its impact on the students’ learning and assessment experience, providing on-site and remote assistance, and innovative solutions during various stages of lockdown. Similarly, we have reacted swiftly to maintain service levels during technical difficulties, industrial action and adverse weather conditions on several occasions. 

Student doctors at UoL enjoy the best ‘Simulated Patient’ experience available, thanks to our committed focus and highly collaborative relationship. We look forward to continuing to provide this excellent service for years to come. 

"Since 2015, Peel Roleplay have provided the simulated patient (SP) provision for clinical assessment and teaching for the School of Medicine, University of Liverpool. Over the last four years, there have been a number of changes to our clinical assessments, moving to large-scale exams. We have greatly valued the support and input provided by Iain and the dedicated team from Peel Roleplay over this time. Aspects worked on in partnership have included the training of SPs to provide highly skilled feedback to students in formative assessments, the development of the standardisation workshops run prior to all clinical assessments and a process of quality assurance during the exams. We have also worked together to benchmark our simulated practice against the combined ASPiH and ASPE standards of best practice. Peel Roleplay also work to continue to grow the cohort of SPs. The coordination of the large number of SPs on each of the clinical assessment days is smooth and efficient, making sure that all stations and quality assurance is covered by appropriate SPs. The joint development of quality assurance SPs for use in the internal evaluation of OSCE stations has been noted by external examiners as 'a particular strength'. This is certainly to be encouraged as a means of improving assessment as well as providing continuous professional development for simulated patients and examiners. Following a recent tender process, we are delighted to be continuing to work with Peel Roleplay for the foreseeable future.”
Deborah Collier, Director of Assessment, University of Liverpool School of Medicine